Specialization and comprehensiveness distinguish us

Our partners

100+ consultants

in Warsaw and Wroclaw

8 companies

making up the GK+

8 specializations

in teams developing specialized competences

103 customers

recommending us as a trustworthy business partner

14 awards

for the best communication projects in Poland

8 years

of activity in the communications industry


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About the GK+

The GK+ is a team of specialized consultants who believe that great things are achieved together. That is why we base our daily work on close cooperation in the Group as well as on relations of partnership with our clients. By using the competences of companies in our group, we help other companies achieve business goals at every stage of their development. Every day - we make a positive difference.


The first choice company.

For clients and employees.


We make a positive difference.

Every day we enter the world of our customers and employees. Thanks to this, we know what to do to positively change their business and work.


Over the years we have developed values.
We believe in them and work according to them.

Striving for perfection

We always give our best. Every project and every employee is a source of inspiration for us. We are constantly looking for something new, better and more effective.

Strong relationships

We cooperate with our clients and employees on a long-term basis as one well-integrated team. We are responsible for ourselves and for GK + and we work based on the principle of reciprocity.

A positive surprise

We like to surprise positively - with an idea, an insight, some advertising slogan, our unconventional approach. Everything we do has an element of surprise to it.


Everything we do has a specific purpose. We always look at our activities through the prism of the business needs of our clients and the development of our employees.

How do we work?

See how we achieve more.

We make brave decisions

We are not afraid of failure, just action.

We are consultants

We think strategically. We try to stay one step ahead of our client and thus see more (advisers, not followers).

We are business partners

We are close to our clients and we listen to their needs. We think in terms of business, we achieve more by focusing on solutions.

We design solutions for the future

Mediocrity is something we can not agree to - neither in ourselves nor in others.


Nasz Zespół

Grupa Komunikacja Plus to zespół wyspecjalizowanych konsultantów, którzy od lat skutecznie wspierają klientów w osiąganiu celów biznesowych poprzez efektywną komunikację. Poznaj liderów naszych spółek oraz zespół GK+, którzy wspólnie budują markę Grupy.

Tomasz Alberski

Tomasz Alberski

Managing Partner,

Michał Gradzik

Michał Gradzik

Managing Partner,

Anna Simon

Managing Director, K+PR

Błażej Soniewicki

CEO, Dodaj Media, Proomni

Marcin Raczyński

follow vision

Ewa Eron

Chief Operating Officer,
insight lab

Seweryn Plotan

Managing DIrector,
sponsoring insight

Anna Knowska

Group Consulting Director

Jakub Świsłowski

Managing Director,
stardom house

Magdalena Wilk

Customer Experience Director,

Konrad Jamski

Managing Partner,
proomni, dodaj mediańska-Dmitruk-2.jpg

Magdalena Soszyńska-Dmitruk


Urszula Burzyńska

Chief Accountant,

Łukasz Sadłek

dodaj media

Michał Matusiewicz

Consulting Director,

Anna Jagodzińska

Consulting Director,

Marcin Kuchno

Consulting Director,

Maciej Małecki

Client Service Director, Dodaj Media

Katarzyna Koziara

Art Director,
follow vision

Ewelina Kuźnik

Operations Director,
follow vision

Sylwia Burdziałowska

Account Director, proomni

Agnieszka Wyrzykowska

Group Account Director, proomni

Marta Widz

Head of Design,
follow vision

Monika Modrzejewska

Head of Digital Marketing, Proomnińska-6.jpg

Joanna Smoleńska

Head of Social Media,

Jan Jasiński

Head of Corporate Practice,

Sebastian Kolęda

Head of Employer Branding Practice, K+PRś-3.jpg

Agata Piekarz-Urbaś

Head of Retail Practice, K+PR

Hubert Rączkowski

Head of Brand Practice,

Mateusz Zalewski

Head of Real Estate Practice,

Alicja Spisacka

Deputy Chief Accountant,

Patryk Kowalewski

Integrated Communication Manager,
dodaj media

Agata Berndt-Wazelin

Senior Advisor, K+PR

Bożena Sobiech

Senior Advisor,

Damian Furmańczyk

Senior Advisor,

Michał Kawiński

Digital Campaign Manager,

Anna Ciepłucha

Online Communiction Manager, proomni

Katarzyna Lech

Account Manager, Follow Vision

Karolina Wysmułek

Account Manager, Follow Visionńska-1.jpg

Aneta Filipiak

Project Manager, K+PRńska.jpg

Katarzyna Grunt

Office Manager

Przemysław Huk

Research Manager, insight lab

Rafał Buława

Senior Advisor,

Agnieszka Drogosz

Senior Advisor, K+PRłaniec-2.jpg

Martyna Rozesłaniec

PR Manager, K+PRłk-Łaniewski-1.jpg

Wojciech Wołk-Łaniewski

PR Manager, K+PR

Kamila Loose

CSR Manager, K+PR

Katarzyna Zwolak-Szwechowicz

CSR Manager, K+PR

Grzegorz Trondowski

Business Development Manager, Proomni

Bartosz Naskręski

PR Manager, K+PR

Dawid Bartkowski

PR Manager, K+PR

Marcel Zawadzki

Marketplace Specialist, proomni

Agata Arnold-Wójtowicz

insight lab

Aleksandra Baran

Senior PR consultant,

Agnieszka Kaniewska

Senior PR Consultant, K+PR

Agnieszka Nikitiuk

Senior PR & EB Consultant, K+PR

Katarzyna Grzechnik

Senior Media Planner/Buyer, Dodaj Media

Katarzyna Duda

Senior PR Consultant, K+PR

Patrycja Czekaj

Senior PR Consultant,

Marta Kąsiel

Senior PR Consultant, K+PRżewska-1.jpg

Aleksandra Czyżewska

Senior SM Consultant, K+PRń-3.jpg

Andrzej Rogoń

Creative Strategist, GK+

Katarzyna Kisiel

PR & Social Media Consultant, k+pr

Ewelina Wójcicka

e-Commerce Specialist, proomni

Rafał Pabierowski

Architecture Designer,
follow vision

Karolina Frąk

Senior Media Planner/Buyer,

Anna Giniowiec

e-Commerce Specialist, proomni

Gabriela Stec

Media Planner/Buyer,
dodaj media

Yury Andreichuk

Technology Leader,
follow vision

Dorota Atamanik

Digital Designer,
follow visionł-Mateja-1.jpg

Bogumił Mateja

Graphic Designer, Follow Vision

Karolina Misior

Graphic Designer, Follow Vision

Jakub Dymek

Online Media Planner-Buyer, Proomni

Arpine Sankowska

PR Consultant, K+PRźniak-2.jpg

Diana Zbrzeźniak

Social Media Consultant, K+PR

Aleksandra Sideri

Research Specialist, Insight Lab

Alicja Turczyniewicz Gorczyca

PR Consultant, K+PR

Anna Sikorska

PR Consultant, K+PR

Agnieszka Falkowska

PR Consultant, K+PRżbieta-Przedpełska-2.jpg

Elżbieta Przedpełska

PR Consultant, K+PR

Aleksandra Pająk

PR Consultant, K+PR

Alicja Kiełczewska

PR Consultant, K+PR

Katarzyna Juszczyk

Legal Specialist, GK+

Patrycja Kaźmierczak

Accounting Assistant, GK+

Małgorzata Masłyk

Payroll Specialist,

Natalia Paszkowska

Accountant, GK+łomiej-Welskop-3.jpg

Bartłomiej Welskop

Media Planner-Buyer, Proomni

Karolina Marzec

EB Consultant, K+PRędzierski-2.jpg

Adrian Kędzierski

Junior Paid Social Media Specialist, Proomni

Dominika Durska

Junior PR Consultant, K+PR

Gaja Sadecka

Junior Media Planner/Buyer, Dodaj Media

Karolina Kania

Junior Media Planner/Buyer, Dodaj Media

Paulina Sadach

Junior Administration Specialist, GK+

Anna Chorążak

Junior PR Consultant, K+PR

Monika Szwarc

Junior PR Consultant, K+PR

Monika Ambrożej

Junior HR Specialist

Paulina Skupińska

Office Assistant, GK+


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